12 Reasons To List Your Home During The HolidaysWhen the holidays are approaching, sellers often wonder if they should keep their properties on the market or take them off. They also believe if they haven’t listed their homes yet, that they should wait until after the first of the year or until spring.

You should know that the Internet and new technology have given rise to a new generation of buyers with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. […]

10 Tips to Rent Out Property FastIn today’s society, it is becoming more and more apparent that the smart area to concentrate your efforts is in rent marketing. When you have an understanding of the different elements involved, it makes sense that one would try to succeed in this. Some tips to rent out property fast in today’s market are:

1. Newspaper Advertising – Spend the money and put an ad in the local newspaper. This […]

WHAT?! You Haven't Listed Your House Online Yet?Once upon a time, in a time that is completely non existent today, people used to get in their cars and drive around looking at houses to find one that they wanted to buy. Maybe it was fun, like Christmas shopping the day before Christmas is fun. I don’t know, I’ve never done it. Now people everywhere sit at their computers and find the properties they like first, THEN get in the car and go see it. Saves […]

Those Plants Have Value and Are Attached!Realtors are faced daily with the daunting task of determining what is technically a fixture or personal property. In a recent class with my favorite Colorado real estate lawyer Oliver Frescona, it was argued that if one has to use tools to remove the item then it should be considered a fixture. Now even that rule in my opinion leaves room for argument, however a recent […]

What to Do With Your First Rental Investment HousePeople acquire their first investment properties in a variety of ways – some intended, others unintended. Many folks start with their first investment rental unit when they rent out a spare room in their home or a room in a detached garage or “granny unit” in back of the main house. Other people become landlords of rental properties when they buy a second home to better suit their growing family and decide […]

Getting the Right Home AppraisalSelling your home without getting a proper appraisal done is like opening your bulging wallet in a hurricane – your hard-earned money will be sucked away with the wind. This is because without a good appraisal, your home may be under priced and you could lose a great offer, or overpriced so it won’t sell. Either way, you have done yourself a disservice.

You may also want to get an impartial appraisal done […]

Getting Your Property SoldWhen the property is almost ready, I like to put the sign up with a flier telling prospective buyers that if they apply now they get to pick the carpet and finishing touches. I also give them an idea about the financial info. They have to know what the monthly payment would be under FHA guidelines.

Then I prepare an ad for the local paper. I mean VERY LOCAL. I like the freebee […]

Selling a House - Hard to Specialize In!Moving from a house to another is indeed one of the toughest decisions to make. Life sometimes behaves strange and certain attributes are drastic, to say the least. As the market is flourishing and deals are stuck every second minute of the day, it is not always encouraging to talk and discuss as how to sell your house. The concept of selling a house has more to it than selling […]